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Duh-buhl Day


Double Day is a training session consisting of two workouts in the same day.

Example usage: 'I'm doing a Double Day today - a bike ride in the morning and a run in the afternoon'.

Most used in: Duathlon training circles.

Most used by: Duathlon athletes.

Popularity: 8/10.

Comedy Value: 3/10.

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What is a Double Day?

A Double Day is a term used in cycling to describe two back-to-back rides in one day. It is a popular training strategy for athletes looking to increase their endurance and overall performance.

The idea behind a Double Day is that the athlete can get two separate workouts in one day, with the first ride serving as a warm-up and the second as a hard effort. This allows athletes to maximize their time and energy while still pushing their bodies to the limit.

Double Days are especially important for athletes who are training for long-distance events, such as a marathon or triathlon. Studies have shown that athletes who engage in Double Days have improved performance, higher fitness levels, and increased stamina.

In order to properly engage in Double Days, it is important to ensure that you are properly hydrated and fueled, as well as getting enough rest between rides. It is also important to listen to your body and adjust your workouts accordingly.

Double Days can be a great way to increase your endurance and overall performance as a cyclist. With proper planning and preparation, you can make the most of your training and reach your goals.


The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Double Day'

The term 'Double Day' was first used in the late 1800s and was popularized by cyclists in the United Kingdom. It was used to refer to a full day of cycling, usually around 50 miles, that was split into two parts. Cyclists would ride in the morning and then take a break for lunch before completing the second half of their ride in the afternoon.

The term was also used to describe a ride that took place over two consecutive days, with the rider covering the same distance each day. This was a popular way for cyclists to train for long-distance events, such as the Tour de France. The term 'Double Day' is still used today by cyclists to refer to a long ride, typically around 100 miles, that is completed over two days.

The term 'Double Day' originated in the United Kingdom in the late 1800s and was popularized by cyclists. It is still used today as a way to describe a long-distance ride that is done over two days.

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