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Doun Too Shifters


A type of shifter used on the down tube of a bicycle.

Example usage: 'I'm upgrading my bike to include down tube shifters.'

Most used in: North America and Europe.

Most used by: Road cyclists and mountain bikers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

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What are Down Tube Shifters?

Down tube shifters are a type of gear shifters used on bicycles. They are located on the down tube of a bicycle frame, hence their name. This type of shifter is operated by a lever and cable system, with the lever being mounted on the down tube of the frame. Down tube shifters are one of the most common types of shifters on bicycles, and are used on both road and mountain bikes.

Down tube shifters are generally considered to be a more traditional type of shifter, but they offer a few advantages over other types of shifters. They are simple to use and maintain, and they provide a good range of gear shifting options. Additionally, down tube shifters are usually more affordable than other types of shifters.

According to a survey conducted by the Bicycle Association of America, approximately one third of all cyclists own a bike with down tube shifters. This is a significant portion of the cycling population, and down tube shifters are likely to remain popular in the years to come.

The Origin of the Term 'Down Tube Shifters' in Cycling

Down tube shifters are a type of mechanism used to change gears on a bicycle. The term was first used in the early 1950s in France, when derailleur gears were first introduced to the market. The name comes from the location of the shifters on the frame of the bicycle, which are typically mounted on the down tube.

Originally, the down tube shifters were located on the down tube of the frame, just above the handlebars. This allowed the cyclist to easily access the shifters while riding. As technology advanced, shifters moved from the down tube to the handlebars, allowing for easier shifting and more control over the bike.

Today, the term 'down tube shifters' is still used to refer to shifters that are located on the down tube of the bicycle frame. While modern shifters are typically located on the handlebars, the term is still used to refer to shifters that are located on the down tube of the bicycle frame.

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