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Drayg Rays

Noun, Verb

Drag Race is a time trial race event where cyclists race against the clock.

Example usage: John trained for weeks for the upcoming drag race.

Most used in: Time Trial events and competitions.

Most used by: Time Trial cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Sprint, Time Trial, Flyer, Match Sprint,


What is a Time Trial Drag Race?

A Time Trial Drag Race is a type of cycling race in which competitors attempt to complete a set course in the fastest possible time. This type of race is often used in Time Trial events, which are a form of bicycle racing where individual cyclists or teams race against the clock. It is also known as an individual time trial.

In a Time Trial Drag Race, the cyclist will attempt to ride as fast as possible for a set distance. The race is typically run on a flat course with minimal turns, allowing the cyclist to maintain a constant speed throughout the race. The drag race is usually timed and the cyclist with the fastest time is declared the winner.

The Time Trial Drag Race is a popular form of cycling competition and is often used in a variety of cycling events. According to statistics from the International Cycling Union (UCI), Time Trial events account for over 20% of all cycling races worldwide.

Time Trial Drag Races are a great way for cyclists to test their speed against other riders. It is also a fun and exciting way for cyclists to challenge themselves and push their limits.


The Origin of 'Drag Race' in Time Trial Cycling

The term 'Drag Race' was first used in the context of Time Trial cycling in the early 1950s in the United Kingdom. It was used to describe a race in which riders would take turns drafting behind each other in a line, with the rider in the front having to work harder than the rest due to the drag created by the other riders.

The term 'Drag Race' was first used in a 1955 edition of the London-based cycling magazine 'The Bicycle'. The magazine described a race in which 'riders would line up in a line, each taking turns to be the front rider, and the others 'dragging' or drafting behind'.

The term 'Drag Race' has since become widely used in the world of Time Trial cycling, and is now used to describe any race in which riders take turns drafting behind each other in a line. The term is also used in other sports, such as running and swimming.

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