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Drop-In Aero Bars

Drop-In, Aero, Bars

Handlebars that are designed to reduce air drag and provide a more aerodynamic position for the cyclist.

Example usage: 'I just put drop-in aero bars on my bike for increased speed and comfort on the road.'

Most used in: Road cycling in areas with long, flat stretches.

Most used by: Cyclists looking to improve their speed and aerodynamics.

Popularity: 8

Comedy Value: 2

Also see: Aero Bars, Clip-Ons, Tri-Bars, Pursuit Bars,


What are Drop-In Aero Bars?

Drop-In Aero Bars are a type of handlebar commonly used in road cycling. These bars feature an aerodynamic design that helps the rider achieve a more efficient position while riding. The bars are designed to provide a low, aerodynamic position that allows the rider to cut through the air more easily. This, in turn, can lead to a faster ride and better overall performance.

Drop-In Aero Bars are typically made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber, which helps to reduce the overall weight of the bike. They are also designed to be adjustable so that the rider can find the most comfortable and aerodynamic position. It is estimated that a cyclist can save up to 10 watts of power while riding in the drop-in aero bar position.

Overall, Drop-In Aero Bars are a great option for cyclists who are looking to improve their performance and efficiency on the road. With the right setup and positioning, the rider can benefit from reduced drag and increased speed. This can give the rider an edge over the competition and help them achieve their cycling goals.


The Origin of Drop-In Aero Bars in Cycling

Drop-In Aero Bars, also known as clip-on aerobars, have been used by competitive cyclists for decades in the pursuit of greater aerodynamics and speed. The first drop-in aerobars were developed in the early 1980s by a company called Profile Design, based in California, USA. The aerobars were designed for use with road bikes, and quickly became popular in triathlons and time trials.

Drop-in aerobars are designed to improve the aerodynamic position of the cyclist by allowing the rider to rest their forearms on the bars, while their hands remain on the handlebars. This position reduces air resistance, allowing the rider to move more efficiently through the air. The aerobars also offer a more comfortable riding position, reducing fatigue and allowing the cyclist to ride for longer periods of time.

Today, drop-in aerobars are used by cyclists around the world. They are an essential piece of equipment for competitive cyclists, and are often used in time trials and triathlons. Drop-in aerobars have become so popular that many bike manufacturers now offer them as a standard feature on their road bikes.

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