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A type of handlebar found on some bicycles with a drop-shaped curve from the center to the end of the grips.

Example usage: 'My road bike has dropbars for better aerodynamics.'

Most used in: Road cycling.

Most used by: Road cyclists and triathletes.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

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Exploring the Meaning of Dropbars in Cycling

Dropbars, or drop handlebars, are a type of handlebar commonly used in cycling. They are characterized by a curved shape that drops down and away from the rider, allowing for multiple hand positions. Dropbars have become the go-to choice for most road cyclists, and are popular with mountain bikers, commuters, and touring cyclists.

The advantages of dropbars are many. They provide a wide range of hand positions, which is beneficial for long rides. This can reduce strain on the wrists and arms, as well as improve overall comfort. Dropbars also provide more aerodynamic positioning, allowing for a more efficient riding experience.

Dropbars are also advantageous for mountain biking, as they provide more control and stability over rough terrain. The multiple hand positions also allow the rider to more easily adjust their body position for better balance and control.

Dropbars are an essential part of the cycling experience, and are used by an estimated 80% of all cyclists. They provide a range of benefits, from improved aerodynamics and comfort to greater control and stability. It's no wonder they have become such an integral part of the cycling world.


The Origin of the Term 'Dropbars' in Cycling

Dropbars, also known as “drop handlebars”, are a type of handlebars used on racing bicycles and touring bicycles. They are designed with a U-shape at the top and usually have no brake levers or shifters attached. The term “dropbars” was first used in the 1930s in England in reference to the handlebars used on racing bicycles.

The use of dropbars on racing bicycles began in the late 19th century when cyclists wanted to go faster and be more aerodynamic. By the 1930s, dropbars had become the standard handlebar on racing bicycles, and the term “dropbars” was soon adopted to refer to them. The design of dropbars has changed over the years, but the term remains the same.

Today, dropbars are still the standard handlebars used on racing bicycles. They are also popular with touring cyclists as they provide a more comfortable riding position. The term “dropbars” is now widely used in the cycling world to refer to this type of handlebar.

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