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Fayt Tyer Bīk

Noun, Noun

A type of bicycle with wide, fat tyres.

Example usage: I'm going bikepacking this weekend on my fat tyre bike.

Most used in: Bikepacking circles in Europe and North America.

Most used by: Adventure cyclists who need a bike capable of handling off-road terrain.

Popularity: 8 out of 10.

Comedy Value: 5 out of 10.

Also see: Mountain Bike, Fat Bike, All-Mountain Bike, Fat-Tire Bike,

What Is a Fat Tyre Bike?

A fat tyre bike is a type of bicycle that features oversized tyres, typically 3.8 inches (9.7 cm) or wider. These tyres have a large contact patch with the ground and are designed for riding on sand, snow, and other difficult terrain. Fat tyre bikes are also known as fat bikes, fat-tire bikes, and snow bikes.

Fat tyre bikes are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility. They can be used for both off-road mountain biking and leisurely rides on the beach. In addition, fat tyres provide better traction, a smoother ride, and more stability than regular mountain bikes. This makes them ideal for riders of all skill levels.

A survey conducted by Bicycle Retailer & Industry News showed that in 2017, the fat bike category accounted for 5.6 percent of all bicycle sales. This is a significant increase from the 0.6 percent share it held in 2014. It is clear that fat tyre bikes are becoming more popular among cyclists.

If you are looking for a bike that can handle all kinds of terrain, a fat tyre bike is a great option. With their oversized tyres, they offer more stability and traction than regular mountain bikes, making them ideal for all kinds of riding.

The Origin of ‘Fat Tyre Bike’

The term ‘Fat Tyre Bike’ is thought to have first been used in the early 1990s in the United Kingdom, to describe mountain bikes with large, oversized tyres. These tyres, which are much wider than a standard mountain bike tyre, are designed to increase stability and comfort when riding off-road.

The oversized tyres of a fat tyre bike also provide increased traction and grip in wet and muddy conditions. This is why they are often favoured by mountain bikers and cyclocross riders, who need to traverse challenging terrain.

The term ‘Fat Tyre Bike’ has since become popular across the globe, with these bikes being widely used by recreational and competitive cyclists alike. They are also becoming increasingly popular with commuters, as they provide a comfortable and stable ride on city streets.

So, the next time you see a cyclist on a bike with oversized tyres, you can be sure that they are riding a ‘Fat Tyre Bike’.

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