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furst tahy mey tr-ah-yuhl

First, Time, Trial

A race against the clock over a short distance.

Example usage: I'm going to compete in my first time trial next week.

Most used in: Europe, especially the United Kingdom.

Most used by: Cyclists who participate in events such as triathlons or time trials.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

Also see: Individual Time Trial, Prologue, TT Prologue, Time Trial Stage,


What is a First Time Trial in Cycling?

A first time trial is a type of cycling race where competitors race against the clock, rather than against each other. The goal is to complete a set course in the shortest time possible.

Time trials are often used in stage races, such as the Tour de France, where a rider's time trial performance can determine their overall race result. Time trials can also be held as individual events, such as the UCI World Time Trial Championships.

In a first time trial, riders typically start one at a time at set intervals, usually one minute apart. The riders are not allowed to draft off each other, as this would give them an unfair advantage. Riders are typically required to wear aerodynamic helmets and clothing.

Time trials are considered one of the most difficult endurance events in cycling, as riders must push themselves to their physical limits. The current men's world record for a 40 km time trial is held by Tony Martin of Germany, who completed the course in 47 minutes and 25 seconds.


The Origin of the Term 'First Time Trial' in Cycling

The term 'first time trial' is commonly used in the sport of cycling, but it's origin is not often discussed. The term first appeared in the 1870s in England, when long-distance cycling races were becoming popular. It was first used to describe a race in which individual cyclists competed against the clock, rather than against each other.

The race was usually around 25 miles long, and the cyclist with the fastest time was the winner. The term quickly spread across Europe and the United States, and soon became the standard term for a race in which cyclists compete against the clock. Today, the term 'first time trial' is still used in cycling, to describe an individual race in which cyclists have to beat the clock to win.

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