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flæt taɪər


A puncture in a bicycle tire.

Example usage: I got a flat-tire halfway through the ride.

Most used in: Cycling communities across the world.

Most used by: Cyclists of all levels.

Popularity: 9/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

Also see: Puncture, Deflation, Tire Blowout, Flat,

What Is a Flat-Tire in Cycling?

A flat-tire is a common occurrence that cyclists experience when riding their bike. It is caused by a puncture in the tire, typically from a sharp object such as a nail or a piece of glass. When the tire is punctured, air escapes and the tire flattens or “flats” out.

Flat-tires are one of the most common causes of bike breakdowns. According to a survey of cyclists, nearly 40 percent of all bike breakdowns are due to flat-tires. While flat-tires can be frustrating, they can also be easily fixed with a patch kit or a spare tire.

Flat-tires can be prevented by regularly inspecting the tires for any signs of wear and tear. Cyclists should also check the roads for any sharp objects that could puncture the tires. Additionally, cyclists should make sure their tires are properly inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

Flat-tires are a common occurrence in cycling, but they can be easily fixed and prevented. By regularly inspecting the tires and the road, cyclists can reduce their risk of experiencing a flat-tire.


The Origin of the Term 'Flat-Tire' in Cycling

The term 'flat-tire' has been used to describe a bicycle tire that has gone flat due to a puncture since the late 1800s. The earliest known reference to the term was in an 1891 edition of the Cycling News, a British magazine. The phrase was originally used in the United Kingdom, but has since become a worldwide term for a bicycle tire with no air pressure.

The phrase has been used in the context of cycling for over a century, and is now a common term used by cyclists all around the world. The term is used to describe a bicycle tire that has gone flat, usually due to a puncture or other damage.

Flat tires have been a common problem for cyclists since the invention of the bicycle, but the term 'flat-tire' has been used to describe this issue since at least 1891. The term has since become a widely used phrase to describe a bicycle tire with no air pressure.

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