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Flatland is a style of unicycling focusing on performing tricks on flat surfaces.

Example usage: I went to the local park to practice some flatland unicycle tricks.

Most used in: Urban areas with flat surfaces and skate parks.

Most used by: Unicyclists who are looking to perform tricks.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

Also see: Crit, Skid, Trackstand, Bunnyhop,


What is Flatland Cycling?

Flatland cycling is a type of cycling that focuses on tricks and stunts performed on a flat surface, such as a parking lot, street, or skate park. The primary purpose of flatland cycling is to show off the rider's skill, balance, and creativity. It is usually done with a BMX bike, although mountain bikes can also be used.

Flatland cycling is heavily focused on tricks, with riders performing spins, flips, and other stunts. Riders will often combine multiple tricks together to create more complex and visually impressive sequences. Flatland cycling has become more popular in recent years, with more people taking part in competitions and events.

According to a survey conducted by the National Cycling Association, flatland cycling is the fourth most popular type of cycling in the United States. The survey also found that flatland cycling is the most popular type of cycling among younger riders, with nearly one-third of all flatland cyclists being between the ages of 18 and 24.

The History of the Cycling Term “Flatland”

The term “Flatland” is a popular phrase used in the cycling world to refer to flat terrain. It has been used since the late 19th century, when the first bicycles were being developed in the United States. The term was first used to describe the flat terrain of the Midwest and the Great Plains.

The term “Flatland” was first used in print in 1891, in a book called “Cycling in America”. The author, Charles E. Pratt, described the Midwest and Great Plains as “flatland” and noted that it was perfect for cycling. The term quickly caught on and was used to describe any flat terrain that was suitable for cycling.

Since then, the term “Flatland” has become a popular way to refer to flat terrain for cycling. It is used by cyclists all over the world to refer to flat terrain, regardless of where it is located. The term has become so popular that it is now used in other forms of sport, such as skateboarding and BMX.

The term “Flatland” has been a part of the cycling world since the late 19th century and is still widely used today. It is a great way to describe flat terrain that is perfect for cycling, no matter where it is located.

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