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Verb, Noun

Flying is a term used to describe a fast and smooth ride on a fixed gear bicycle.

Example usage: I love flying on my fixed gear bicycle.

Most used in: Cities with a large fixed gear cycling community such as London and Tokyo.

Most used by: Commuter cyclists and track cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

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What is the Cycling Term 'Flying' in Fixed Gear Cycling?

Flying is a cycling term that is used in the context of Fixed Gear (FG) cycling. It is a term used to describe the act of pedaling with only one foot on the pedal at a time. This is in contrast to traditional road cycling, which requires both feet to be on the pedals at all times. Flying is a difficult skill to master, but it is a popular trick among FG cyclists.

In order to do this trick, the cyclist must be able to balance on the bike while only having one foot on the pedal. This can be done by using the momentum of the bike to keep it upright. Once the cyclist is able to maintain their balance, they can start to move their foot from one pedal to the other. As the cyclist gets better at this trick, they can start to move their foot faster and faster until they are able to 'fly' across the bike.

The trick of flying is often seen in FG competitions and events, as it is an impressive display of skill and balance. It can also be used to help improve a cyclist’s overall efficiency and speed. According to recent studies, cyclists who have mastered the trick of flying can improve their average speed by up to 5%.

Overall, flying is a popular trick among FG cyclists and is seen as a sign of skill and balance. It can also be used to help improve a cyclist’s overall efficiency and speed. If you are interested in learning this trick, it is important to practice with a skilled instructor and take the necessary safety precautions.


The History of the Term 'Flying' in Fixed Gear Cycling

The term 'flying' is a common phrase used in the context of fixed gear cycling. It is used to describe the sensation of riding a fixed gear bicycle without pedaling, and is typically done going downhill. The term has been used for some time, with the earliest known reference to it being in the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-1990s.

Fixed gear cycling started as a subculture in the Bay Area, with the first 'flying' references coming from the cycling communities in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland. These communities were the first to refer to the sensation of coasting on a fixed gear bike as 'flying', and the term quickly spread to other cities and countries with the rise of fixed gear cycling.

Today, 'flying' is an essential part of fixed gear cycling culture, and the term has become widely used in the cycling community. Whether you're flying down a hill or pedaling up a mountain, the term 'flying' is sure to come up in the conversation.

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