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A trail designed for downhill cycling with jumps, drops, and technical sections.

Example usage: 'I love to freeride-trail on my mountain bike.'

Most used in: Mountain biking and off-road cycling.

Most used by: Downhill and freeride mountain bikers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: Downhill, Enduro, All-Mountain, Trail,


What is Freeride-Trail Cycling?

Freeride-trail cycling is a type of cycling that combines elements of downhill mountain biking, dirt jumping, and BMX. It is a relatively new style of cycling that has emerged in the past decade as a popular form of extreme cycling.

Freeride-trail cycling is often referred to as 'all-mountain' or 'enduro' cycling. It involves riding a mountain bike on various terrain such as dirt trails, jumps, and stunts. Freeride-trail cycling is not about speed, but rather about performing tricks, jumps, and stunts. It is a challenging and thrilling form of cycling that requires a great deal of skill and practice.

Freeride-trail cycling is a rapidly growing sport with an estimated 11 million participants in the United States alone. It is a popular form of cycling for both recreational and competitive riders. The sport involves a variety of activities such as dirt jumping, downhill racing, and slopestyle competitions. It is also becoming increasingly popular in competitions such as the Red Bull Rampage and the Freeride World Tour.

Freeride-trail cycling is a thrilling and exciting form of cycling that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is an excellent way to stay active and challenge yourself to become a better cyclist. With its combination of speed, skill, and thrills, it is no wonder that freeride-trail cycling is gaining in popularity.


The Origins of Freeride-Trail Cycling

Freeride-trail cycling is a type of mountain biking that combines elements of downhill and cross-country cycling. The term was first used in the early 2000s in the United States, and is now used widely in many parts of the world.

This type of cycling is characterised by the use of a full-suspension mountain bike, which is capable of riding over rough terrain. It has a relaxed geometry, allowing for more control, stability and comfort when taking on steep descents, jumps and other obstacles.

The term ‘freeride-trail’ was first used by mountain bike magazine Dirt in 2002. It has since become a popular term to describe this particular type of mountain biking, which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, Europe and North America.

Freeride-trail cycling is a great way to explore the outdoors. It combines the speed and thrill of downhill and the endurance and skill of cross-country cycling. It is an exciting and challenging way to experience the natural environment and have a great time with friends.

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