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Gair Lever

Noun, Verb

A lever used to change the gears on a bicycle.

Example usage: Shift the gear lever to go up a gear.

Most used in: Areas with hilly terrain or where cycling is a popular sport.

Most used by: Cyclists who are more experienced or competitive.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

Also see: Shifter, Derailleur Lever, Gear Shifter, Gear-Change Lever,


What is a Gear Lever?

A gear lever is an essential component of a bicycle, allowing the rider to adjust the tension of the chain, and thus the gears, to suit the terrain. The lever is usually located on the handlebars, and is operated by the rider's thumb or fingers.

The gear lever can be used to adjust the tension of the chain to make it easier or harder to pedal. This is important when riding up hills or on flat terrain, as it can help the cyclist conserve energy.

Gear levers come in two main types: thumb shifters and trigger shifters. Thumb shifters are the traditional type, and are operated by pressing the lever with the thumb. Trigger shifters are operated by pressing a lever with the index finger.

Gear levers are important for cyclists of all levels. According to a survey by the Bicycle Association of Great Britain, 95% of cyclists use a gear lever. This indicates the importance of the gear lever in cycling.


The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Gear Lever'

The phrase 'gear lever' is a term used in cycling to refer to the lever that shifts the gears on a bicycle. The term was first used in the late 19th century in England. It was used to describe the lever that was used to control the tension of the chain on a bicycle.

The earliest known use of the term 'gear lever' dates back to 1891. It was used in a book about cycling published by the English Cycling Union. The book described the use of the lever to shift the gears on a bicycle, and the term caught on quickly among cyclists in England.

Since then, the term 'gear lever' has spread around the world and is now used by cyclists everywhere. Today, the term is used to refer to the lever that is used to shift the gears on a bicycle, and it is an essential part of a cyclist's vocabulary.

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