A sudden, strong burst of wind.

Example usage: The gusts of wind made riding difficult.

Most used in: Areas with strong winds and gusts.

Most used by: Cyclists who ride in windy conditions.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: drafting, slipstreaming, wheel-sucking, drafting train,

Gusts: The Windy Facts for Cyclists

Gusts are sudden, brief increases in wind speed. They are a common feature of windy weather and can have a significant impact on cyclists. A gust can cause a cyclist to temporarily lose control of their bike or even be thrown off. During a gust, cyclists must stay focused and be aware of their surroundings.

Gusts are caused by a variety of weather conditions. In particular, gusts are caused by air pressure differences between two areas, such as a cold front and a warm front. Gusts can also be caused by the terrain, such as when wind passes over a mountain range or through a valley.

The strength of a gust is measured in knots. According to the US National Weather Service, gusts in excess of 30 knots can be dangerous for cyclists. In addition, cyclists should be aware of the potential for strong gusts when wind speeds are forecast to be 20 knots or more.

In conclusion, gusts are an important factor to consider when cycling in windy conditions. By understanding the causes of gusts and the wind speeds at which they become dangerous, cyclists can be better prepared to handle gusty conditions.

The Origin of the Term 'Gusts' in Cycling

The term 'gusts' has been used in cycling since around the mid-1800s. It was first used to describe the sudden bursts of increased speed that cyclists used to break away from the pack. The term likely originated in the United Kingdom, where competitive cycling had been popular since the 1830s.

In the early days of cycling, riders would often ride in large groups on the roads, which often led to a competitive atmosphere. Riders would often take turns sprinting ahead of the pack, and the sudden burst of speed was referred to as a 'gust'. This term was used to describe how riders would quickly move ahead of the pack as if propelled by a gust of wind.

The term 'gusts' is still used in cycling today to describe sudden bursts of speed. It is often used to describe riders who break away from the pack in a race or who quickly accelerate away from the other riders. As cycling continues to gain popularity, the term 'gusts' is likely to remain in use for many years to come.

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