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hare pin bendz


A sharp, tight curve in a road or trail.

Example usage: 'Be careful of the hair pin bends on this section of the trail.'

Most used in: Mountainous regions.

Most used by: Mountain bikers and road cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: switchbacks, hairpins, bermed corners, esses,


What Are Hair Pin Bends in Cycling?

Hair pin bends are a type of cycling route that is marked by a sharp, U-shaped turn. They are commonly found on mountain roads and are a popular feature of many cycling routes. The hair pin turns are usually quite steep and require cyclists to make sudden changes in direction. They can also be quite dangerous if not navigated properly.

Hair pin bends are often used to create challenging and exciting routes, as cyclists must be able to quickly change direction and navigate the sharp turns. These types of turns often feature on mountainous routes, where the roads are narrow and the terrain is steep. According to a survey conducted by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, hair pin turns are a feature of over 90% of mountain bike trails.

Hair pin bends can be a thrilling part of a cycling route, but they can also be dangerous if cyclists fail to take the necessary safety precautions. It is important to maintain a steady speed and avoid sudden braking when navigating a hair pin bend. Cyclists should also be aware of any obstacles in the road, such as rocks or other debris, and take extra care when turning.

Overall, hair pin bends are an exciting and challenging feature of many cycling routes. They can add a sense of adventure to any ride and make for an exhilarating experience. However, it’s important to take extra care when navigating these turns and always be aware of any potential hazards.


The Origin of Hairpin Bends in Cycling

The term ‘hairpin bend’ is commonly used by cyclists to describe a sharp turn in the road that resembles a hairpin. The phrase is believed to originate from the early 20th century in the United States, when automobiles were first becoming popular. The sharp turns of roads in the mountains of the US were compared to the shape of a hairpin, and so the term was born.

The term has been used in the context of cycling since at least the early 1900s. The Tour de France, which began in 1903, featured several hairpin bends in its early years, with the roads winding through the mountainous French countryside. As the sport of cycling has evolved over the years, so too has the concept of hairpin bends, with some of the most challenging and iconic bends in the cycling world being located on the mountain passes of the Tour de France.

The term ‘hairpin bend’ has become a staple of the cycling vocabulary, and is used by cyclists around the world to describe sharp turns in the road. It is a reminder of the early days of the sport, when cyclists had to navigate the winding mountain roads of Europe, and of the challenges that still remain today.

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