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Hang-er Drop-out

Noun, verb

The process of removing the rear wheel from the bicycle frame.

Example usage: 'I had to hanger dropout my bike to replace the tire.'

Most used in: Mountain biking and road biking circles.

Most used by: Experienced riders who are familiar with bike maintenance and repair.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Track Ends, Horizontal Dropouts, Sliding Dropouts, Vertical Dropouts,


What is a Hanger Dropout?

A hanger dropout is a type of rear wheel dropout designed for use on bicycles. It is a metal plate attached to the rear wheel of the bike that has a protruding hook or 'hanger' which can be used to attach the derailleur. This type of dropout is typically found on mountain bikes, but is becoming more popular on road bikes as well.

Hanger dropouts are designed to provide greater flexibility in wheel positioning, allowing for more precise adjustments of the rear derailleur. This can lead to improved shifting performance, and in some cases, reduced chain noise. Additionally, hanger dropouts are easier to adjust than traditional horizontal or vertical dropouts, making them a popular choice for riders who frequently adjust their gear ratios.

According to a survey conducted by Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, hanger dropouts are the second most popular type of dropout on mountain bikes, with over 50% of mountain bikes using this type of dropout. On road bikes, hanger dropouts have become increasingly popular in recent years, with over 20% of road bikes now using this type of dropout.

Hanger dropouts are an increasingly popular choice for cyclists who want to enjoy the benefits of precise derailleur adjustment and improved shifting performance. As more riders become familiar with the advantages of this type of dropout, the popularity of hanger dropouts is likely to continue to grow.


The Origin of the Term 'Hanger Dropout' in Cycling

The term “hanger dropout” was first used in cycling in the mid-1990s in the United States. It refers to a specific design of frame dropouts, which are the part of the frame where the rear wheel axle is held in place. The hanger dropout consists of an aluminum or steel hanger that is bolted onto the frame, with a slot for the axle to fit into.

The advantages of the hanger dropout design are that it is easy to adjust the wheel position in the frame, and it is strong enough to handle the torque generated when pedaling. This makes it popular with BMX riders, who often need to adjust the wheel position for different tricks. It also makes it easier to remove the rear wheel for maintenance or repair.

Today, the hanger dropout is a popular choice for many types of bicycles, from mountain bikes to road bikes. While the design has been around since the mid-1990s, it has become increasingly popular in recent years as more riders have come to appreciate its advantages.

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