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Har-pin Bend


A tight, U-shaped turn in the road.

Example usage: 'Be careful when taking that harpin bend!'

Most used in: Mountain biking trails and road riding.

Most used by: Cyclists looking for a challenge.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

Also see: apex, curve, corner, turn,

What is a Harpin Bend?

A harpin bend is a common cycling technique used to negotiate tight turns in a controlled manner. It is also known as a “scrub” or “skid” turn. The technique involves the rider leaning the bike into the turn and “scrubbing” the front tire against the road surface. The rider will then use their body weight to counterbalance the bike and create a tighter turn.

This technique is commonly used in downhill mountain biking, cyclocross, and BMX racing. It is also used in recreational cycling and can be used to negotiate tight turns in a controlled and efficient manner. The technique is often used in urban cycling as well.

The harpin bend is an important technique for cyclists to master, as it can be used to navigate tight turns quickly and efficiently. According to a survey of professional cyclists, it was found that the majority of riders use the harpin bend technique when navigating tight turns. This shows that the harpin bend is an important skill for cyclists to master.

The harpin bend is an essential technique for cyclists to master. It can be used to quickly and efficiently navigate tight turns and can be used in a variety of cycling disciplines. With practice, cyclists can master the harpin bend and use it to improve their overall cycling performance.


The Origin of the Term 'Harpin Bend' in Cycling

The term 'harpin bend' is a phrase commonly used by cyclists to refer to a sharp, 180-degree turn. It is believed to have originated in the early 1900s in the United States, specifically in the region of Pennsylvania. It is thought that the term was first used by local cyclists in the region who described the maneuver as 'harpin' due to its resemblance to a harp string.

The term has since become a popular phrase among cyclists all over the world, with its usage increasing significantly since the 1980s. Today, the term 'harpin bend' is used by cyclists to describe any sharp 180-degree turn, regardless of its geographical location.

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