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Jownz Bawrz


Handlebar extensions that raise the handlebar height

Example usage: 'I put Jones Bars on my bike to raise the handlebar height.'

Most used in: Mountain biking and dirt jumping communities.

Most used by: Mountain bikers and dirt jumpers.

Popularity: 7/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

Also see: Drop Bars, Bullhorn Bars, TT Bars, Aero Bars,


What Are Jones Bars?

Jones Bars are a type of handlebar designed for mountain biking, touring, and off-road cycling. They have a unique shape that makes them ideal for these activities, allowing for better control and a more comfortable ride. Jones Bars are becoming increasingly popular amongst cyclists, and are being used by an estimated 20% of mountain bikers.

The design of Jones Bars is based on traditional mountain bike handlebars, but with some key differences. The most noticeable difference is the shape, which is more curved than standard mountain bike handlebars. This shape allows for more control and a natural feel when riding. The bars also have a higher rise, which provides more comfort in the riding position.

The advantages of Jones Bars are numerous. They provide better control, a more comfortable ride, and a more natural feel. They also provide more clearance for the rider’s hands and arms, making them ideal for mountain biking and off-road riding. Additionally, they are lightweight and durable, making them a great choice for touring and commuting.

Jones Bars are becoming increasingly popular amongst cyclists, and are now being used by an estimated 20% of mountain bikers. They are a great choice for mountain biking, touring, and off-road cycling, offering comfort, control, and a natural feel. If you’re looking for a handlebar that can handle all of your cycling activities, Jones Bars are a great option.


The Origin of 'Jones Bars' in Cycling

The term 'Jones Bars' is used to refer to a type of handlebar found on bicycles, usually in the context of mountain biking. This handlebar was designed by Jeff Jones, a frame builder and bike designer from Portland, Oregon. The handlebar was first released in 2003 and quickly became popular with mountain bikers due to its unique design.

The design of the handlebar was based on a flat bar, but with a loop at the end of each bar. This loop allowed riders to have a more secure grip on the handlebars when riding in a variety of positions. The handlebar also allowed for a more comfortable ride, as it allowed the rider to have a more relaxed grip on the handlebars. The design was so popular that it quickly spread throughout the mountain bike community and the term 'Jones Bars' came to be used as a generic name for this type of handlebar.

Today, the term 'Jones Bars' is commonly used to refer to any handlebar that is similar in design to the original Jeff Jones design. The popularity of the handlebar has only grown since its introduction in 2003, and it is now a staple in the mountain biking community.

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