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kee-p kra-nking

Verb, Noun

Continue cycling with a steady effort

Example usage: Come on, keep cranking and you'll make it up the hill!

Most used in: Cycling communities around the world.

Most used by: Experienced cyclists who are familiar with the term.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: pedal hard, spin the pedals, churn the cranks, mash the pedals,

What Does 'Keep Cranking' Mean in Cycling?

In the cycling world, the phrase 'keep cranking' is often used to encourage a cyclist to keep pedaling. This term is most applicable when cycling in an endurance race or a hard interval workout, where the cyclist needs to keep a high intensity despite fatigue. It is a reminder to push through the physical and mental barriers that come with the sport.

The phrase is also used to describe a cyclist’s riding style. A rider who is “cranking” is pedaling with a smooth, rhythmic cadence, even during a hard effort. This is an important skill for any cyclist to master, as it helps them maintain a steady pace and conserve energy. Studies have shown that cyclists who are able to maintain a consistent cadence are able to ride faster and longer than those who do not.

In summary, the phrase “keep cranking” is a reminder to cyclists to keep pushing through the pain and fatigue of a hard workout or race. It is also used to describe a cyclist’s riding style of maintaining a smooth, rhythmic cadence. With practice, this technique can help cyclists ride faster and longer.


The Origin of the Term 'Keep Cranking' in Cycling

The phrase 'keep cranking' has become a common rallying cry for cyclists, but where did it come from? The phrase has its roots in the early days of cycling, when the first bikes were made with wooden frames and pedals powered by cranks. The phrase was first used in the early 1870s, when the first modern bicycle was invented in France. The French phrase for 'keep cranking' was 'pédalez toujours,' which was used by cyclists to encourage one another to keep pushing their pedals.

The phrase quickly spread from France to the United States, where it was adopted by the cycling community. It eventually became popular throughout Europe and the United States, with the phrase becoming a rallying cry for cyclists everywhere. The phrase has since been used in cycling competitions and cycling events, and is still used today to encourage cyclists to keep pushing themselves.

The phrase 'keep cranking' has become an integral part of the cycling culture, and is a reminder to cyclists everywhere to keep pushing themselves to reach their goals. Whether it's a race, a ride, or a leisurely ride, the phrase is a reminder to keep pushing the pedals and keep cranking.

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