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KEER-in RAY-sing


Keirin racing is a form of motor-paced cycle racing in Japan.

Example usage: 'I'm looking forward to the keirin-racing at the track tomorrow.'

Most used in: Japan, where it is a popular form of motor-paced cycle racing.

Most used by: Professional and amateur cyclists participating in keirin-racing events.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

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What is Keirin-Racing?

Keirin-racing is a type of cycling that originated in Japan in 1948. It is a form of motor-paced bicycle racing in which riders compete in a sprint race over a distance of 2,000 meters. The race is conducted on a track with a motorized vehicle, usually a motorcycle, leading the riders for the first part of the race. The motor vehicle gradually increases the speed until it reaches a predetermined speed, and then pulls off the track allowing the riders to race to the finish line.

In keirin-racing, the riders start the race in a sprint from a standing start. The race consists of eight laps with four riders competing in each race. The winner is the rider who crosses the finish line first.

Keirin-racing has become popular in many countries around the world and is now an Olympic sport. In fact, the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) has recognized keirin-racing as an Olympic sport since 2000. It is estimated that more than 10,000 professional riders compete in keirin-racing events each year.

Keirin-racing is an exciting and fast-paced form of cycling that is gaining popularity around the world. It is a great sport for both professional and amateur riders looking for a thrilling and competitive experience.

The Origin of Keirin Racing

Keirin racing is a type of cycle racing that originated in Japan in the 1940s. It was initially used as a form of gambling, with spectators betting on the outcome of the race. The term ‘keirin’ is derived from the Japanese word for ‘race track’ (‘keiba’).

The sport of keirin racing was officially sanctioned by the Japanese government in 1948, and the first official keirin race was held in 1949. The sport became so popular that it was included in the Asian Games in 1994, and the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

The sport has since spread throughout the world, and is now popular in many countries, including the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. In the US, the National Keirin Association (NKA) was founded in 2001, and currently oversees all keirin racing in the country.

Keirin racing is a fast-paced, exciting sport, and it continues to grow in popularity around the world. It is a great way for cyclists to test their skills and compete in a challenging and unique environment.

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