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Kendama is a type of juggling trick in which a ball is balanced on a stick.

Example usage: 'I just learned how to do a Kendama trick on my unicycle!'

Most used in: Unicycling circles in the United States and Europe.

Most used by: Unicycling enthusiasts who practice juggling.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

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What is Kendama?

Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy that consists of a wooden handle, a ball, and three cups. It is a skill game that involves catching the ball in one of the cups or on the spike. Kendama is a popular sport in Japan, but it has been gaining traction around the world in recent years.

Kendama is a great way to promote hand-eye coordination and creative problem-solving. Players can come up with their own tricks and moves to make the game more interesting. It is also a great way for people of all ages to learn about balance, timing, and coordination.

In Japan, there is a Kendama association called the Japan Kendama Association. It was founded in 1976 and is the governing body for Kendama competitions in the country. They also help promote the sport around the world and have organized international competitions such as the Kendama World Cup.

Kendama has been gaining popularity in the US, with the American Kendama Association (AKA) being formed in 2011. The AKA is the governing body for competitive Kendama in the US and has been organizing national and international competitions since 2012. According to the AKA, there are currently over 10,000 registered Kendama players in the US.


Where Did the Cycling Term 'Kendama' Come From?

The term 'Kendama' is a Japanese word that has been used in the cycling world since at least the late 1980s. In Japan, the term is used to refer to a type of bicycle wheel hub that is used to reduce friction and increase speed. It was first used in the context of cycling in Japan in 1988, and has since spread to other countries around the world.

The term 'Kendama' is derived from the Japanese words for 'sword' (ken) and 'ball' (dama). The name was chosen to reflect the design of the wheel hub, which has a conical shape that resembles a sword, and a ball-shaped bearing that fits into the hub.

Today, the term 'Kendama' is commonly used to refer to any type of wheel hub that helps reduce friction and improve cycling performance. It is also used to describe a variety of wheel-related accessories, such as wheel covers, wheel locks, and wheel skewers.

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