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KOM stands for King of the Mountain and is a title given to the fastest cyclist up a mountain climb.

Example usage: John won the KOM title on the final climb of the race.

Most used in: Mountainous regions and professional cycling races.

Most used by: Professional cyclists and competitive amateurs.

Popularity: 8 out of 10.

Comedy Value: 4 out of 10.

Also see: QOM, Queen of the Mountain, King of the Mountain


What is a KOM?

KOM stands for 'King of the Mountain' and is a term used in cycling to describe the rider who is the fastest to reach the top of a climb. It is also known as QOM (Queen of the Mountain). KOMs and QOMs are awarded to riders on platforms such as Strava and other cycling apps.

KOMs are usually calculated by time, and are usually awarded to the rider who is the fastest up the climb. The time is taken from the start of the climb to the summit, and the winner is awarded the KOM or QOM. Some platforms also allow riders to compete for the fastest KOM or QOM on a certain segment of a climb, or a certain length.

KOMs are a great way to motivate cyclists to push themselves further and to challenge themselves to be the fastest up the mountain. It is also a great way to measure progress and to compare times with other riders. According to Strava, there are over 4 million KOMs and QOMs awarded each month.

The Origins of the Cycling Term 'KOM'

The acronym 'KOM' stands for 'King of the Mountain' and is widely used in cycling. The term originated in the Tour de France, a professional road cycling race that has been held annually in France and Europe since 1903.

The race organisers included mountain passes in the course, and riders who were the first to reach the top of the mountain pass were rewarded with the 'King of the Mountain' title. The title was first awarded in 1975 and the term 'KOM' was first used in 1981.

The term has been adopted in other cycling events around the world and is also used in cycling apps to reward riders who are the fastest to ascend a hill or mountain pass.

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