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An experienced cyclist who competes in master's racing.

Example usage: 'John is a masters-racer and is very experienced on the bike.'

Most used in: North American cycling circles.

Most used by: Experienced cyclists who compete in master's racing.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

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What is a Masters-Racer in Cycling?

Masters-racer is a term used to refer to a cyclist who has reached a certain age and is able to compete in a special category of races. Masters-racers are typically over 30 years old and can compete in special races that are held for cyclists of that age group. Masters-racers are typically more experienced than younger cyclists, and many have been racing for years.

Masters-races are typically broken down into several age groups, usually starting at 30-34 years old, and then going up in five year increments. There are also separate categories for women and men. Masters-racing is a great way for experienced cyclists to continue to compete and challenge themselves.

Masters-racing has grown in popularity in recent years, and according to USA Cycling, the number of masters-racers has grown by over 200% since 2012. As of 2019, there were over 44,000 registered masters-racers in the United States.

Masters-racing is a great way for experienced cyclists to continue to challenge themselves and stay competitive. It is also a great way to meet other like-minded cyclists and build a community of fellow racers.


The Origin of the Term 'Masters-Racer' in Cycling

The term 'masters-racer' was first used in the context of cycling in the mid-1980s, mainly in Europe. Masters-racing referred to cycling events in which participants over the age of 35 were able to compete against each other.

This term was created to bring together cyclists of a certain age group, and to give them the opportunity to race in their own category. This allowed for greater competition, as riders could now race against people of a similar age and experience level.

The term 'masters-racer' has since become widely used in the cycling world, and is now a common term for those who compete in cycling events over the age of 35. Masters-racing has become a popular form of cycling, and is now represented in many countries around the world.

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