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MEE-tee LIE-kra


A type of tight-fitting clothing worn by cyclists.

Example usage: 'I need to buy some new miti-lycra for my next race.'

Most used in: Cycling circles around Europe.

Most used by: Road cyclists and triathletes.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

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What is Miti-Lycra in Cycling?

Miti-Lycra is a type of cycling clothing made from a combination of two fabrics, Miti and Lycra. Miti is a lightweight, breathable, and durable synthetic fabric that is often used for cycling apparel. Lycra is a stretchy fabric that is often used to make cycling apparel more comfortable and form-fitting. The combination of these two fabrics provides cyclists with a light, breathable, and form-fitting garment that allows them to perform at their best.

Miti-Lycra is popular among cyclists due to its ability to keep them cool and dry while riding. It is lightweight, which makes it ideal for long rides and races. The Lycra component of the fabric provides cyclists with a snug fit that ensures their body stays in place while they ride and move around. The breathable nature of Miti-Lycra also helps to prevent chafing and irritation.

According to a survey conducted by the National Bicycle Dealers Association, Miti-Lycra is the second most popular type of cycling clothing among cyclists, with 38% of cyclists wearing it on their rides. It is highly popular among competitive cyclists, as it helps them to perform better and stay comfortable during races and long rides.

Miti-Lycra is a great choice for cyclists who want a lightweight, breathable, and form-fitting cycling garment. It is popular among competitive cyclists and is the second most popular type of cycling clothing among cyclists. With its combination of Miti and Lycra fabrics, Miti-Lycra is an ideal choice for cyclists who want to perform at their best and stay comfortable for long rides.


The History of Miti-Lycra in Cycling

Miti-Lycra is a term that has been around for decades in the cycling world. It is a combination of two words - Miti, a type of lightweight, breathable fabric, and Lycra, a synthetic fabric known for its elasticity. The combination of these two fabrics creates a lightweight, breathable, and elastic material that is perfect for cycling apparel.

The term 'Miti-Lycra' was first used in the late 1980s, when the Italian fabric manufacturer Miti SpA began producing clothing using the two materials. At first, the fabric was used mainly for cycling jerseys, but it soon began to be used for other cycling apparel items such as bib shorts, leg warmers, and arm warmers. The combination of the two fabrics made the clothing more comfortable and breathable, as well as providing more flexibility for the cyclist.

The popularity of the fabric spread quickly and it is now used by many cycling apparel companies. The combination of Miti and Lycra is now a common fabric choice for cyclists all over the world, as it provides the perfect combination of comfort, breathability, and flexibility.

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