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maunt up

verb, imperative

To begin cycling together with a group of cyclists

Example usage: Let's mount up and hit the trail!

Most used in: Cycling communities across the world.

Most used by: Recreational and competitive cyclists.

Popularity: 8 out of 10

Comedy Value: 5 out of 10

Also see: Saddle Up, Clip In, Get On, Pedal Off,

What Does 'Mount Up' Mean in the Context of Cycling?

The phrase 'mount up' is often used in the context of cycling, and it simply means to get on the bike and start pedaling. It's a call to action used by cyclists to signal to their group that it's time to get ready and begin the ride.

The phrase is also used to encourage cyclists to keep going and not give up on a long ride. As cyclists often ride in groups, hearing the phrase 'mount up' is a great way to draw motivation from each other and stay energized on a long ride.

According to the National Household Travel Survey, cycling is the most popular form of outdoor recreation in the United States. About 47 million Americans ride bicycles for recreation, and about 18 million ride for transportation. Mounting up and getting on the bike is the first step to enjoying the many benefits of cycling.


The Origins of Mount Up in Cycling Culture

The phrase 'Mount Up' is a common call in cycling culture, used to signify the start of a ride. It is believed to have originated in the early 2000s in the United Kingdom, particularly in the London area. It was initially used by cyclists as a way of signaling to their group that it was time to get on their bikes and start their ride.

The phrase quickly gained traction and was adopted by cyclists around the world. Soon, it became a ubiquitous call among cycling groups, signifying the start of a ride. Today, the phrase is still widely used in the cycling community, and is often heard as cyclists prepare to take off on their rides.

So the next time you hear a cyclist yell out 'Mount Up!', you can be sure they're ready to hit the road!

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