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maw-tuhn bahyk stem

Noun, Adjective

A stem specifically designed for use on mountain bikes.

Example usage: My mountain bike stem was just too long, so I replaced it with a shorter one.

Most used in: Off-road cycling.

Most used by: Mountain bikers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

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What is a Mountain Bike Stem?

A mountain bike stem is a component of a mountain bike that connects the handlebar to the steerer tube of the bike's fork. The stem is usually made of aluminum or steel and is relatively small in size. It is typically adjustable in length and angle to allow the rider to customize the bike to their riding style.

The length of the stem affects the reach of the handlebars and the angle of the stem affects the steering of the bike. Generally, a longer stem will give the rider more control and stability when riding, while a shorter stem will give the rider more agility. A steeper stem angle will make the bike turn faster while a shallower angle will make the bike turn slower.

Mountain bike stems come in a variety of lengths and angles, and the choice of stem will depend on the type of riding the rider does. For trail riding, a stem of 45-60mm in length and a 0-10 degree angle is recommended. For downhill riding, a stem of 40-50mm in length and a 0-25 degree angle is recommended.

Mountain bike stems are essential components of a mountain bike and can greatly affect the performance and handling of the bike. Choosing the right stem for the type of riding you do is important for getting the most out of your bike.


The Origin of the Mountain Bike Stem

The term “Mountain Bike Stem” first appeared in the late 1970s in California, USA. It was used to describe the type of handlebar stem that was designed for the new breed of mountain bikes that were gaining popularity at the time.

Mountain Bike Stems had a longer reach and lower rise than traditional stems, allowing riders to easily adjust the height of their handlebars. This was important for the rough terrain of mountain biking as it allowed riders to better control their bikes when navigating difficult terrain.

Since its introduction, the Mountain Bike Stem has become a staple of mountain biking. Today, there are many different styles and sizes of Mountain Bike Stems available, allowing riders to customize their handlebars to fit their riding style.

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