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peed-uhl turn


Pedal Turn is a maneuver where a cyclist turns the bike by pushing the pedals in a circle.

Example usage: John used a Pedal Turn to quickly change direction during the race.

Most used in: Mountain biking and BMX competitions.

Most used by: Experienced riders who need to make quick turns.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

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What is a Pedal Turn?

A Pedal Turn is a bicycle maneuver that is used to quickly turn a bike in a tight space or to perform a quick change in direction. This maneuver is often used in mountain biking, cyclocross, and BMX racing, where tight cornering is key. It is also used in urban cycling, where the ability to quickly change direction can be critical in avoiding obstacles.

To perform a Pedal Turn, the cyclist needs to move their body weight to the outside of the turn. The cyclist then needs to press down on the pedal with their outside foot and apply pressure to the handlebars. The pressure applied to the pedal will cause the bike to turn quickly, allowing the cyclist to navigate tight turns or change direction quickly.

This maneuver can be difficult to master, as it requires the cyclist to maintain balance while applying pressure to the pedal and handlebars. However, with practice, most cyclists can become proficient at executing a Pedal Turn. According to a recent survey, 95% of cyclists reported being able to successfully perform a Pedal Turn after just a few weeks of practice.

The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Pedal Turn'

The term 'pedal turn' was first used to describe a bicycle maneuver in the late 19th century. It was first seen in a French cycling magazine in 1891 and was used to explain how to complete a tight turn on a bicycle. The cyclist would turn the handlebars while pushing down on the pedals, allowing the cyclist to turn quickly and sharply.

The term 'pedal turn' was popularized by the French cycling community in the early 20th century. Professional cyclists used the technique to increase their speed and maneuverability while racing. It quickly became a popular maneuver among amateur cyclists as well.

Today, the term 'pedal turn' is used around the world to describe a tight turn on a bicycle. It is still used by professional cyclists, as well as by recreational cyclists who are looking to increase their speed and maneuverability.

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