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Pohl-kuh Dot Jer-see

Noun, Proper Noun

A distinctive jersey worn by the overall leader of a cycling race.

Example usage: The cyclist was wearing the iconic polka-dot jersey.

Most used in: Professional cycling races around the world.

Most used by: Professional cyclists and cycling fans.

Popularity: 9/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Maillot à Pois, King of the Mountains Jersey, KOM Jersey, Climber's Jersey,


The Meaning of the Polka-dot Jersey in Cycling

The polka-dot jersey is a cycling term for the King of the Mountains jersey, a special jersey awarded to the cyclist who has earned the most points on mountains during a race. The jersey is typically white with red polka dots, and is often referred to as the 'maillot a pois rouges' in French-speaking countries. The jersey is awarded to the cyclist that has accumulated the most points on climbs during a race, and is a prestigious award that is highly sought after by competitors.

The jersey is not only a symbol of a cyclist's achievement during a race, but also a marker of pride for the cyclist who has earned it. The jersey is typically worn during the next stage of the race, and is a public display of the cyclist's success on the mountain stages. The points system is based on the difficulty of the climb and the position of the cyclist at the top of the climb. The cyclist who accumulates the most points is awarded the polka-dot jersey.

In the 2019 Tour de France, the polka-dot jersey was awarded to Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal. He accumulated a total of 130 points on the mountain stages, outperforming his competitors and becoming the first ever Colombian to win the King of the Mountains jersey. Bernal's success on the mountain stages of the Tour de France is a testament to the strength and endurance of the cyclist, and his victory in the polka-dot jersey is a remarkable achievement.

The Origin of the Polka-dot Jersey in Cycling

The iconic polka-dot jersey, also known as the Maillot à pois rouges, is a classic in the sport of cycling. It is a symbol of the King of the Mountains title, awarded to the cyclist who conquers the steepest climbs in the Tour de France, the most prestigious cycling race in the world.

The term was first used in 1975, when the French cycling magazine ‘Vélo’ awarded a polka-dot jersey to the winner of the King of the Mountains competition in the Tour de France. The magazine wanted to create a distinctive jersey which was easily identifiable in the peloton, and so the polka-dot jersey was born.

The jersey quickly became a symbol of the King of the Mountains and was adopted by other cycling races around the world. Today, it is a much sought-after item by cycling enthusiasts and is a popular piece of memorabilia for many.

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