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Verb, Noun

Pulling is when a cyclist takes the lead and sets the pace of the group.

Example usage: Dave is pulling and setting a fast pace for the group.

Most used in: Professional cycling events.

Most used by: Professional cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

Also see: Drafting, Towing, Slingshotting, Pacelining,


What is the Cycling Term 'Pulling'?

Pulling is a cycling term used to describe a situation where one cyclist is drafting behind another, and is taking the lead in the situation. This type of riding is beneficial to both cyclists, as the cyclist in the back is able to conserve energy and the cyclist in the front is able to take on a greater share of the wind resistance.

This type of riding is most commonly seen in races, where the lead cyclist will pull for a certain amount of time and then switch off with another cyclist. This technique is used to ensure that the cyclists can maintain a higher average speed throughout the race. The lead cyclist is said to be “pulling”, while the cyclist behind is said to be “drafting”.

Studies have shown that drafting can reduce a cyclist’s aerodynamic drag by as much as 40% and can also increase their speed by up to 10%. This makes it a very useful technique for cyclists trying to increase their performance.

Overall, pulling is an important cycling term that describes a situation where one cyclist is taking the lead and the other is drafting behind. It is a beneficial technique for both cyclists, as it allows them to conserve energy and increase their speed.

The History of Cycling Term “Pulling”

The cycling term “pulling” has been in use for over a hundred years. It was first used in the early 1900s in the United States and United Kingdom, primarily among professional cyclists.

The term “pulling” is used to describe a cyclist who is making an effort to lead the group. This cyclist is responsible for setting the pace of the ride and is often referred to as the “puller” or “pace-setter”. This cyclist is typically the strongest in the group and will set the pace for the rest of the cyclists.

The term “pulling” is also used to describe a cyclist who is helping another cyclist to maintain their speed or to catch up to the rest of the group. This is commonly referred to as “drafting” or “slipstreaming”. This technique is used by cyclists to conserve energy and increase their speed.

The term “pulling” is an important part of cycling and is used to describe a variety of techniques. It is a term that has been used for over a hundred years and continues to be used today by cyclists all around the world.

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