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A term used to describe a cyclist riding at their maximum speed and power

Example usage: 'I'm going to give it a qoms and see if I can beat my personal best time.'

Most used in: Cycling communities of North America.

Most used by: Road cyclists and mountain bikers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

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What Are QOMs in Cycling?

QOM stands for Queen of the Mountain, and it's a term used in cycling to refer to the fastest rider on a certain segment of a course. This segment is typically a hill or a mountain, which is why QOMs are sometimes referred to as 'King of the Mountain' for male riders.

QOMs are usually determined by timing the riders on a particular segment of the course. The fastest rider on the segment is the QOM for that particular segment. The rider is then awarded points, which are tallied up at the end of the race. The rider with the most points is crowned the overall QOM for the race.

QOMs are becoming increasingly popular in cycling, especially in mountain biking. According to a recent survey by Cycling Weekly, nearly a third of riders surveyed said they’d participated in a QOM race before. This indicates that QOMs are becoming more and more commonplace in the world of cycling.

QOMs are a great way to add an extra element of competition to a race. Not only does it reward the fastest rider on the course, it also encourages riders to push themselves to the limit to become the QOM.


The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Qoms'

The term “qoms” is a nickname for female cyclists, first coined in the late 1990s in the United Kingdom. The term is derived from the acronym “QOM” which stands for “Queen of the Mountain”. It’s used to describe female cyclists who are particularly strong climbers and who can ascend hills quickly.

The term “qoms” was first used in the cycling community in the late 1990s, primarily in the South East of the United Kingdom. It quickly spread to other parts of the country and is now used as a term of endearment for female cyclists around the world.

The term has become so popular that it has even been used as an event name for women’s cycling races in the United Kingdom. The “Qoms Challenge” is a popular event that takes place annually in the South East of England.

The term “qoms” has become an important part of the cycling community and is a sign of respect for strong female cyclists. It’s a term of encouragement and admiration for female cyclists who can tackle the toughest climbs with speed and strength.

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