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Quarq is an electronic power meter used by triathletes.

Example usage: 'I'm using my Quarq to track my power output during my ride.'

Most used in: Triathlons and other endurance events.

Most used by: Triathletes and endurance cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10.

Comedy Value: 1/10.

Also see: Powermeter, Power Meter, Powercrank, Power Crank,

What is a Quarq?

A Quarq is a type of power meter used in cycling. It is a device attached to a bicycle that measures the power output of the cyclist in watts. This information can be used to improve the cyclist's performance and track their progress over time.

Quarq power meters are designed to be highly accurate and reliable. They use a strain gauge to measure the force applied to the crank arms or the pedals. This data is then transmitted to a head unit or an app on a smartphone. The data is used to measure the cyclist's power output over time.

Quarq power meters are used by professional and amateur cyclists alike. According to a survey by the International Cycling Union, over 80% of professional cyclists use some form of power meter to track their performance. This shows the popularity and effectiveness of Quarq power meters for cyclists of all levels.

In conclusion, a Quarq is a power meter used by cyclists to measure and track their performance. It is a highly accurate and reliable device that is used by professional and amateur cyclists alike. Its popularity and effectiveness make it a popular choice for cyclists looking to improve their performance.

The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Quarq'

The cycling term 'Quarq' was first used in the late 2000s in an area of the United States known as the Quad Cities. The Quad Cities is a region of five cities located along the Mississippi River in Iowa and Illinois. The term 'Quarq' is a portmanteau of the four cities located in the Quad Cities region: Davenport and Bettendorf (in Iowa) and Rock Island and Moline (in Illinois).

The term was created by the founders of Quarq Technology, a cycling power meter company. Founded in 2007, Quarq Technology was established with the goal of bringing accurate and reliable power measurement to cyclists. Quarq Technology was founded in the Quad Cities region of Iowa and Illinois, hence the name 'Quarq'.

Since its inception, the term 'Quarq' has been widely used in the cycling world and is now a recognized term. Quarq Technology has become one of the leading power meter manufacturers and continues to innovate and create cutting-edge power measurement technology for cyclists.

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