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Kwik Ree-lease Skewer


A lever-operated skewer used to secure a bicycle wheel in the frame.

Example usage: 'Make sure the quick release skewer is securely tightened before you ride.'

Most used in: Mountain biking, touring, and commuting.

Most used by: Cyclists who need to frequently remove their wheels.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

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What is a Quick Release Skewer?

A Quick Release Skewer (QR Skewer) is a device used to secure the wheels on a bicycle. It is a hollow axle with a lever-operated cam assembly at one end. When the lever is turned, it tightens the cam and clamps the wheel in place. The lever can then be turned in the opposite direction to quickly release the wheel from the frame.

QR Skewers are designed to be lightweight and easy to use. The majority of road and mountain bikes come with a QR Skewer as standard, allowing cyclists to quickly and easily remove and replace their wheels for maintenance or transport. In addition, QR Skewers are also used on other components such as seat posts and handlebars.

QR Skewers are an important safety feature, allowing cyclists to quickly and easily remove a wheel in the event of a mechanical problem or an emergency. According to a survey by the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association, more than two-thirds of cyclists consider QR Skewers to be essential for their bike.

For those looking to upgrade their bike, QR Skewers are available in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes. If you’re looking for a lightweight and reliable way to secure your wheels, a Quick Release Skewer is the way to go.


The Origin of the Quick Release Skewer in Cycling

The term “Quick Release Skewer” originated in the late 1930s. It was first used by Tullio Campagnolo, an Italian cyclist and inventor from Vicenza, Italy. He developed the quick release skewer to allow cyclists to quickly remove and replace wheels on their bicycles.

The quick release skewer consisted of a lever and a cam. When the lever was pulled, the cam would rotate and release the wheel. This allowed cyclists to quickly and easily remove and replace wheels on their bicycles with no tools required. The quick release skewer is still in use today and is an essential part of any cyclist's tool kit.

Campagnolo’s invention revolutionized the cycling industry and is still in use today. It is a testament to Campagnolo’s ingenuity and his commitment to making cycling more accessible to all.

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