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ran-doh bag

Noun, Noun Phrase

Rando Bag is a type of bikepacking bag that attaches to the handlebars of a bicycle.

Example usage: 'I'm taking my Rando Bag on my next bikepacking trip.'

Most used in: Bikepacking and gravel cycling circles.

Most used by: Cyclists who are looking for a lightweight and convenient way to carry their gear.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Saddlebag, Seatbag, Framebag, Handlebar Bag,


What is a Rando Bag?

A Rando Bag is a type of cycling bag used for randonneuring, a long-distance endurance cycling event. The Rando Bag is designed to be lightweight, waterproof and aerodynamic, making it ideal for long-distance cycling. It is typically made of polyester or nylon and is usually mounted on the handlebars or top tube of a bicycle.

The Rando Bag typically has several compartments for storing items such as food, water, spare clothing, tools, and maps. It is often equipped with a rain cover, reflective strips, and bungee cords for attaching additional items. The Rando Bag is designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic, helping to reduce drag and improve the cyclist’s speed and efficiency.

Randonneuring events can cover distances from 200 kilometers to over 1,200 kilometers, so having a reliable and lightweight Rando Bag is essential for cyclists who take part in these events. According to a survey of randonneuring cyclists, 94% of respondents rated the Rando Bag as their most important piece of equipment.


The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Rando Bag'

The term 'Rando Bag' originated in the early 2000s from the French word 'Randonneur'. The term was first used by cyclists in the area of Paris, France, to describe a lightweight bag for storing supplies for long-distance rides.

Randonneuring is a type of long-distance cycling, usually over a period of days or weeks, with the goal of covering a set distance within a certain time limit. Cyclists who participate in Randonneuring often carry a Rando Bag to store items such as food, water, spare clothing and tools.

Rando Bags usually consist of two parts: a frame bag that fits between the top tube and the seat tube of the bike and a handlebar bag that fits below the handlebars. The frame bag is designed to keep the rider's supplies close to the center of gravity while the handlebar bag allows for easy access to items such as snacks and tools.

Today, the term 'Rando Bag' is used by cyclists all over the world to refer to a lightweight bag for storing supplies for long-distance rides. It is a testament to the popularity of Randonneuring that the term has become so widely used.

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