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rohd rahsh bahyks


A bicycle designed to be ridden on roads

Example usage: I'm looking for a road rash bike to ride around town.

Most used in: Urban areas with bike-friendly roads.

Most used by: Commuters and recreational cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

Also see: Cyclocross Bike, Gravel Bike, Adventure Bike, Cyclo-touring Bike,


What is a Road Rash Bike?

A Road Rash Bike is a type of bicycle specifically designed for road racing. It is an incredibly lightweight and aerodynamic bike that is built to be fast and agile. Road Rash Bikes are typically made from carbon fiber or aluminum, and are designed to reduce air resistance while maintaining a low weight. This type of bike is often used in time-trials, road races, and criteriums.

Road Rash Bikes are designed to be stiff and responsive, which makes them ideal for racing and sprinting. They have a lower center of gravity, which helps the rider to maintain control when cornering and maneuvering around tight turns. They also have a more aggressive geometry, which allows the rider to generate more power when pedaling.

Statistics show that Road Rash Bikes are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists. According to a survey conducted by the Bicycle Association of Great Britain, the number of people riding road racing bikes in the UK has increased by more than 25% over the last five years. Additionally, the survey found that road racing bikes accounted for more than a third of all bicycle sales in the UK in 2019.

In conclusion, Road Rash Bikes are lightweight, aerodynamic bicycles that are designed for road racing. They are stiff and responsive, and have a lower center of gravity for better control. Statistics show that Road Rash Bikes are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists, with more than a third of all bicycle sales in the UK in 2019 being road racing bikes.


The Origin of the Term 'Road Rash Bikes'

The term “road rash bikes” was first used in the early 1990s to describe the light, stripped-down road bikes used by professional cyclists for racing and training. The bikes had a minimalist design, with no extra components to add weight, and featured aero-shaped tubes and components to reduce drag. The term was popularized by USA Cycling, the governing body for competitive cycling in the United States.

The term “road rash” was used to describe the bikes’ lightweight and minimalist design, as well as their speed and agility. The light weight and aerodynamic design of the bikes made them fast and agile, but also more prone to damage from road debris, thus the term “road rash”.

Today, the term “road rash bikes” is still used to describe lightweight, stripped-down road bikes used for racing and training. The bikes are designed to reduce drag and maximize speed, while still providing the stability and handling needed for competitive racing.

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