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To ride a bike at a faster than normal speed

Example usage: I'm gonna go roaring down the hill!

Most used in: Mountain biking areas in the western United States.

Most used by: Mountain bikers and downhill racers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: drafting, paceline, slipstreaming, wheel-sucking,


What Does Roaring Mean in Cycling?

When it comes to cycling, the term 'roaring' is used to describe an extremely steep grade of a hill or mountain. This grade is so steep that it is often considered unrideable. The grade of a roaring hill can be anywhere between 20% and 40%.

Statistics show that the average grade of a hill is around 6%, with a maximum of 12%. In comparison, the grade of a roaring hill is much higher than this, and is considered too steep for a cyclist to ascend. This is why it is often referred to as 'unrideable'.

In some cases, a cyclist may be able to ascend a roaring hill with the help of a motorized assistance device. However, this is rarely the case, as most cyclists prefer to tackle hills with their own strength and determination.

The term 'roaring' is used in cycling to describe a hill or mountain that is so steep that it is almost impossible to climb. It is an extreme grade that requires a great deal of effort and skill to ascend.

The Origins of 'Roaring' in Cycling

The term 'roaring' has been used to describe a specific type of cycling since the late 1800s. It originated in the United Kingdom, where it was used to describe a style of riding that was fast and aggressive. The term was used to describe a rider who was not afraid to take risks and push their limits.

The term was first used in print in a newspaper article in 1891, when a journalist described a race in which the riders were described as 'roaring' around the course. The term was used to describe the intensity of the race, as well as the speed and skill of the riders.

Since then, the term has been used to describe all types of cycling, from road races to mountain biking. It is still used today to describe riders who are pushing themselves to the limit and riding at their absolute best.

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