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Row-ling stahrt

Noun, Verb

A Rolling Start is when duathletes begin their race while already moving.

Example usage: 'The duathlon will begin with a Rolling Start, so make sure your bike is in gear and ready to go.'

Most used in: Duathlons across the United States.

Most used by: Duathletes and triathletes.

Popularity: 8/10.

Comedy Value: 3/10.

Also see: Le Mans start, Flying start, Grand depart, Mass start,


What Is a Rolling Start in Cycling?

A rolling start is a type of start used in cycling events such as races, criteriums, and time trials. This type of start is used when the course is too long or hazardous for a mass start, or when the number of riders is too large.

In a rolling start, riders are released in timed intervals, usually at five-second intervals. Riders are released in groups, typically in a ‘wave start’ format, where each wave is released in a staggered manner. The start is usually controlled by a race official or judge and riders may be required to line up behind a start line before being released.

Rolling starts can also be used for shorter races, as they allow for more of a fair start for riders of different abilities. Statistics show that in races with large numbers of riders, a rolling start can increase safety for both riders and spectators, as well as improve the overall fairness of the race.


The Origin of 'Rolling Start' in Cycling

The term 'Rolling Start' was first used in the sport of cycling in the early 1950s. It was first used to describe the starting style of a race in which cyclists are allowed to begin pedalling before the official start of the race. This is in contrast to a standing start, in which cyclists must remain stationary until the start signal is given.

The term 'Rolling Start' was first used by cyclists in the Netherlands in the early 1950s. It was quickly adopted by other countries and is now used around the world to describe the starting style of a cycling race. Today, the term is used in many different types of cycling events, including road races, criteriums, and time trials.

The use of the term 'Rolling Start' has also spread to other sports, such as track and field, with athletes allowed to begin running before the official start of the race. In this way, the term has become a part of everyday language and is used to describe any situation in which a person is allowed to start an activity before the official beginning.

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