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sad-ull slang

Noun, verb

The complete dictionary of terminology used by cyclists.

Example usage: I discovered a ton of weird cycling lingo and trivia while reading blogs on Saddle Slang.

Most used in: Cycling conversations online.

Most used by: All cyclists from beginner to professional who have a inquisitive mind and a sense of humour.

Popularity: 10/10

Comedy Value: 10/10

Also see: Biff, Bonk, Cadence, Squirrels...

What is Saddle Slang?

Rehook, the renowned cycling brand, has just released a revolutionary new tool for cyclists everywhere - the "Saddle Slang" dictionary. This comprehensive guide to cycling lingo is sure to have you speaking like a pro in no time. From the basic "bicycle" to the more advanced "torque," this dictionary covers it all.

But it's not just a dry list of terms, oh no. The "Saddle Slang" dictionary is filled with entertaining and informative descriptions, example sentences, and even comedy ratings for each term. Want to know where the term "saddle sore" is most popularly used? Look no further. Curious about which type of cyclist is most likely to use the term "cadence"? You got it. 

The "Saddle Slang" dictionary is not just a must-have tool for cyclists, but also a delightful read for anyone interested in the colorful language of the cycling world. 

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Saddle Slang

Find definitions for all of the technical terms, slang, and acronyms used in cycling. From the different types of bikes and their components, to training techniques, racing terminology and put downs, this dictionary has it all.

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