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A formation of cyclists riding in a line with each cyclist slightly behind and to the side of the cyclist in front.

Example usage: 'Let's ride single-file-echelon to save space on the road.'

Most used in: Cycling in densely populated areas.

Most used by: Recreational and competitive cyclists.

Popularity: 8

Comedy Value: 5

Also see: paceline, echelon formation, slipstreaming, drafting,

What is a Single-File Echelon in Cycling?

A single-file echelon is a common cycling formation used by teams and groups of riders when riding in a crosswind. This formation is used to reduce the aerodynamic drag experienced by the riders, allowing them to ride further and faster. It is also known as a 'paceline' or 'pacelining'.

In a single-file echelon, riders line up in a diagonal line, with the front rider angling into the wind. The riders behind them angle slightly away from the wind, creating a 'V' shape. The result is that the riders on the windward side of the formation block the wind for those on the leeward side, reducing the drag they experience.

Studies have shown that a single-file echelon can reduce the aerodynamic drag experienced by riders by as much as 40%. This can result in a significant reduction in energy expenditure, allowing riders to cycle further and faster.

Single-file echelons are popular among cyclists of all levels, from recreational riders to professional racers. It is a great way for groups of riders to work together to increase their speed and efficiency.

The Origin of the Term 'Single-File Echelon' in Cycling

The term 'single-file echelon' first appeared in the cycling world in the early 20th century. It was first used in Belgium, which is considered the birthplace of the sport. The term is derived from the French word 'échelon', which refers to the staggered formation cyclists use to reduce wind resistance.

The term 'single-file echelon' was first used in 1920 by the French cycling magazine Le Petit Vélo, when describing a race strategy used by the Belgian team. The article described how the team had used the formation to gain an advantage over their competitors. Since then, the term has become a common phrase in the cycling world and is used to describe the formation cyclists use to conserve energy while riding in a group.

The single-file echelon is now a popular strategy used by cyclists in races and training. By forming into an echelon, cyclists can reduce wind resistance and conserve energy. It is also a great way for cyclists to stay safe while riding in a group and to make sure everyone is able to ride at their own pace.

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