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SRM stands for 'Schoberer Rad Meßtechnik' and is a type of power meter used by triathlon cyclists to measure their performance.

Example usage: 'I just got a new SRM power meter to track my performance.'

Most used in: Triathlon and endurance cycling events across the world.

Most used by: Professional and amateur triathletes, as well as dedicated cycling enthusiasts.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

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What is SRM?

SRM stands for Sportive Record Mode, and is a cycling technology that measures performance data such as power output, speed, and cadence. It is a popular choice for serious cyclists who are looking to improve their performance, as it allows them to accurately track and compare their performance over time.

SRM uses a power meter attached to the bicycle, which records the cyclist’s effort and transmits the data to a computer. The power meter measures the power output of the cyclist, which is the amount of energy used to move the bike forward. This data can then be used to track and analyze performance, allowing cyclists to identify areas where they can improve.

SRM technology has been used in professional cycling for decades, and it is estimated that over 50% of professional cyclists now use SRM power meters. It is also becoming increasingly popular with amateur cyclists, as it provides a way to accurately measure and track performance.

In summary, SRM is a popular cycling technology that measures performance data such as power output, speed, and cadence. It is used by professional and amateur cyclists alike, and provides a way to accurately track and improve performance.


Where Does the Cycling Term SRM Come From?

SRM stands for ‘Schoberer Rad Messtechnik’, a German company which was founded in 1986 by Ulrich Schoberer. The company was based in Jülich, a small city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The company specialized in the production of power meters for bicycles.

The first SRM power meter was released in 1992 and was the world’s first commercial power meter for bicycles. It used a strain gauge to measure the force applied to the crank arms to calculate power output. The SRM power meter quickly became popular amongst professional cyclists and was widely used in the Tour de France.

The term ‘SRM’ has become a generic term in the cycling community to refer to any power meter. This is despite the fact that SRM is now owned by the Dutch company Look Cycle, who produce their own power meters. The term SRM is still widely used to refer to any power meter, regardless of brand.

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