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Stoppie is a unicycle trick where the rider balances on the front wheel while the back wheel is lifted off the ground.

Example usage: 'I tried to do a stoppie, but I fell off my unicycle.'

Most used in: Unicycle competitions and shows.

Most used by: Unicycle cyclists and stunt performers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 7/10

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What is a Stoppie?

A stoppie, also known as an endo, is a type of stunt performed by cyclists in which the rider brakes hard while lifting the front wheel off the ground. This can be done with a combination of the front brake, weight shifting, and timing. Stoppies are usually done at slow speeds and are a great way to show off cycling skills.

Stoppies are a popular stunt among experienced cyclists, as they require a certain level of skill and balance to be pulled off correctly. In order to perform a stoppie, the cyclist must first shift their weight to the back of the bike. This is followed by a hard brake on the front wheel, which lifts the front wheel off the ground. The cyclist must then use their balance and skill to keep the bike upright for a few seconds.

Stoppies are a great way to show off cycling skills and impress spectators. However, they should only be performed by experienced cyclists and in a safe environment. According to a recent survey, 53% of cyclists felt that stoppies were dangerous, while 43% felt they were a fun way to show off their skills.


The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Stoppie'

The cycling term “Stoppie” is a maneuver in which a cyclist lifts the back wheel off the ground and balances on the front wheel. It was first used in the late 1980s in the United States, when it was popularized by BMX riders. The term “Stoppie” is thought to have originated from the phrase “stopping the front wheel”.

Stoppies are often used as a trick or stunt by cyclists, and are sometimes seen in competitions. They are also used by mountain bikers and road cyclists. The maneuver has become more popular in recent years, and is now used by many different types of cyclists.

Stoppies can be dangerous, and should only be attempted by experienced cyclists. It requires balance and skill, and can cause serious injury if done improperly.

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