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stray-vuh seg-muhnt chal-uhnj

Strava, Segment, Challenge

A challenge in which cyclists compete for the fastest time on a specific segment of a route tracked with the Strava app.

Example usage: 'I'm competing in a Strava Segment Challenge this weekend.'

Most used in: Areas with popular cycling routes.

Most used by: Enthusiast cyclists who use the Strava app.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 1/10

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Understanding Strava Segment Challenges

Strava Segment Challenges are a popular way for cyclists to compete against one another and track their performance. A segment challenge is a timed section of a route that cyclists can use to compare their progress over time.

To participate in a Strava Segment Challenge, all a cyclist needs to do is ride a route and use the Strava app to record their time. Strava then compares the cyclist's time to the other riders who have completed the same segment. The cyclist with the fastest time is the winner.

Strava Segment Challenges are popular because they give cyclists a way to compare their performance to that of their peers. Additionally, they can be used to motivate cyclists to push themselves and improve their performance. According to Strava, there are over 7.5 million Segment Challenges in their system, with an average of 1.5 million riders participating in them each month.

Overall, Strava Segment Challenges are a great way for cyclists to compete with one another and track their progress. Whether it's for motivation or competition, these challenges offer a fun and unique way to measure riders' performance.


The Origin of the Term 'Strava Segment Challenge'

The term 'Strava Segment Challenge' first appeared in the early 2010s in the context of cycling. It was coined by the popular fitness tracking app Strava, which was developed in 2009 in San Francisco, California.

The term was first used to describe the app's ability to track and compare cyclists' performances on a segment of a route, such as a hill or a stretch of road. Users could challenge themselves and their friends to try to get the fastest time on a particular segment. This quickly became a popular feature on Strava, and the term 'Strava Segment Challenge' was born.

Today, the term is used worldwide by cyclists to refer to any challenge in which a rider attempts to beat their own or someone else's time on a certain segment of a route. The term has become synonymous with the competitive nature of cycling and the challenge of pushing one's limits.

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