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Tee Too

noun, proper noun

T2 (Transition 2) is the second transition area in a Duathlon race, where the participant switches from running to biking.

Example usage: The athlete quickly switched from running to biking in T2 to gain a competitive advantage.

Most used in: Duathlon races in the United States.

Most used by: Duathletes and triathletes.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

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What is T2 (Transition 2) in Cycling?

T2 (Transition 2) is a term commonly used in cycling, especially in triathlons and duathlons. It refers to the second transition period, which is the time taken to move from the swimming or running leg of the event to the cycling leg.

T2 is an extremely important part of the race, as it can make or break the cyclist’s performance. During the transition period, the cyclist must change into their cycling gear, mount the bike, and begin the cycling leg of the race. The faster the transition is completed, the better the cyclist’s performance will be.

Statistics show that the average T2 time for a professional cyclist is around 2 minutes. However, amateur cyclists can take up to 4 minutes to complete their transition. Therefore, it is important for amateur cyclists to practice their transition times in order to improve their overall race performance.

The Origin of Cycling Term 'T2 (Transition 2)'

The term 'T2 (Transition 2)' was first used in the early 1990s in the United States. It was originally used to refer to the second transition area in a triathlon, the area where athletes change from swimming to cycling. It was later adapted to be used in cycling races, specifically in the sport of triathlon.

The term 'T2' is used to describe the transition between the cycling and running legs of a triathlon. It is also used to refer to the transition between the swimming and cycling legs in a swim-bike-run event. In some events, the transition area may be referred to as the 'bike-run transition area'.

The term 'T2' is now widely used in the cycling world and has become part of the common lexicon. It is used to refer to the transition area between the cycling and running legs of a triathlon, as well as the transition area between the swimming and cycling legs of a swim-bike-run event.

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