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Tēm tīm tēshəl

Noun, Noun Phrase

A type of race in which cyclists ride together in teams to complete a course in the fastest time.

Example usage: 'We'll be competing in the Team Time Trial this weekend.'

Most used in: Cycling competitions and races.

Most used by: Professional cyclists and recreational riders alike.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Team Pursuit, TTT, Relay Race, Pursuit Race,


What is a Team Time Trial in Cycling?

Team Time Trial (TTT) is a type of cycling event in which teams of cyclists race against the clock. It is a race against time, rather than against individual cyclists or other teams. The team with the fastest overall time is the winner.

In a Team Time Trial, all members of the team start together at the same time and are timed from start to finish. The time taken is the sum of the times of the individual members of the team. The team time is the best overall time of the team, and the team with the lowest time wins. Team Time Trials are typically raced over distances of 20 to 60 kilometers.

Team Time Trials are often used in stage races, such as the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and Vuelta a España. In a stage race, the team time trial is typically held on the second or third day, and the winning team earns a time bonus that can be applied to the individual team members in the overall standings. This bonus can be crucial in determining the overall winner of the stage race.

Team Time Trials are also becoming increasingly popular in non-stage race events. They are often held as standalone events, or as part of a multi-stage race. In 2020, the UCI Road World Championships featured a Team Time Trial event for the first time.


The Origin of the Term 'Team Time Trial' in Cycling Events

The term 'Team Time Trial' was first used in the context of cycling events in the 1950s, originating in Europe. During the 1950s, professional cycling teams and riders began competing against each other in time trials, where the team's time was the sum of the individual team members' times.

In the early days of the Team Time Trial, the event was known as the 'Team Time Race' and was primarily used as a way to promote the sport and gain sponsorships for teams. It was also seen as a way to showcase the team's unity and strength, as well as the individual riders' abilities.

The Team Time Trial was first officially adopted by the Union Cycliste Internationale in the 1970s, and it has since become a regular part of the professional cycling circuit. The Team Time Trial is now a key event in the Tour de France and other major cycling events around the world.

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