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Time Trial, Tires

Specialized tires used for time trials in cycling.

Example usage: I need to get some new time trial tires for my bike.

Most used in: Cycling competitions.

Most used by: Competitive cyclists.

Popularity: 6/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

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What are Time Trial Tires?

Time trial tires are specially designed road cycling tires that are used in time trials or triathlons. Time trials are races in which cyclists compete against the clock, and the tires used are designed to provide the best possible performance in order to maximize speed and minimize resistance.

Time trial tires are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible and are typically narrower than traditional road tires. This reduces the contact patch with the ground, resulting in less rolling resistance and less drag. They are also designed to be lightweight and have a reduced tread pattern to reduce drag.

Time trial tires are generally available in two sizes – 23mm and 25mm. The 23mm tires are lighter and provide less rolling resistance, while the 25mm tires offer more grip and stability. The choice of tire size will depend on the type of terrain and the conditions.

Time trial tires are used by professional cyclists and amateurs alike, and they can provide a significant performance advantage. Studies have shown that time trial tires can reduce rolling resistance by up to 9% compared to traditional road tires, and can improve aerodynamic performance by up to 5%.

Time Trial Tires: The Evolution of Cycling Speed

Time trial tires have been part of the cycling world since the late 1970s. It was at this time that cyclists began to look for ways to increase speed and reduce rolling resistance on the track. The term “time trial” was first used to describe these tires in the United States and Europe in the late 1980s.

Time trial tires are designed to reduce rolling resistance and increase speed. They are typically narrower than traditional road tires and have a higher thread count. This combination of features allows the tire to cut through the air more efficiently and with less drag, resulting in faster times.

The introduction of time trial tires was met with skepticism by some, who questioned the need for such a specialized tire. However, as time trial events became more popular, the use of time trial tires became more accepted and eventually became a staple of cycling competitions.

Today, time trial tires are an essential part of competitive cycling. They are used by professional cyclists in time trial events, triathlons, and even road races. The technology has come a long way since the late 1980s, and time trial tires are now lighter, stronger, and faster than ever before.

Time trial tires have revolutionized the sport of cycling and have allowed cyclists to reach speeds that were previously unimaginable. They have become an integral part of the cycling world and will continue to evolve as technology advances.

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