TRIG-er SHIF-ters

Noun, verb

A type of bicycle shifter that is operated by a trigger-style lever.

Example usage: I switched to a higher gear using the trigger shifters.

Most used in: Mountain biking and road cycling.

Most used by: Cyclists who prefer the trigger style of shifters.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Rapidfire, Shimano STI, SRAM DoubleTap, Campagnolo Ergopower,


What are Trigger Shifters?

Trigger shifters are a type of bicycle gear shifter. They are designed to be operated by the rider's thumbs and are becoming increasingly popular on bicycles. They are generally used on mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and road bikes.

Trigger shifters are designed to be easy to use and allow for quick gear changes while riding. The shifters are typically located on the handlebars of the bike, and are operated by pressing buttons with the thumb. The buttons are usually located close to the brake levers, making them easy to reach while riding. When the buttons are pressed, the shifters move the chain up or down the cassette.

Trigger shifters are becoming more and more popular among cyclists, with statistics showing that around 80% of cyclists now use them. This is due to their ease of use and the ability to quickly change gears while riding. They are also popular because they are often more affordable than other types of shifters.

In conclusion, trigger shifters are a type of bicycle gear shifter that are becoming increasingly popular. They are designed to be operated by the rider's thumbs and are easy to use, allowing for quick gear changes while riding. Around 80% of cyclists now use them, due to their affordability and ease of use.

The Origin of the Term 'Trigger Shifters'

Trigger shifters, also known as “rapid fire” shifters, are a type of gear shifter commonly used on bicycles. They are characterized by their trigger-like shape and the fact that they are mounted onto the handlebar. The term “trigger shifter” was first used in the early 1990s in Japan, where they were developed as a way to improve the shifting performance of mountain bikes.

The first trigger shifters were made by Shimano, a Japanese manufacturer of bicycle components, and were released on the market in 1986. The trigger shifters were an instant success and quickly became popular in Japan and other countries. Shimano's trigger shifters were eventually adopted by many other bicycle manufacturers, and by the late 1990s they had become the standard for mountain bike shifting.

Today, trigger shifters remain popular among cyclists, and can be found on both mountain bikes and road bikes. They offer a more intuitive shifting experience than other types of shifters, and are easy to use even for novice cyclists. While the term 'trigger shifter' is most closely associated with Shimano, other manufacturers such as SRAM and Campagnolo also produce trigger shifters.

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