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Tee-tee positions


Aerodynamic body positioning on a time trial bike.

Example usage: The cyclist adopted an aggressive tt positions to maximize speed.

Most used in: Time trial cycling events.

Most used by: Time trial cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

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What Are TT Positions?

Time trial (TT) positions are the way a cyclist sits on their bicycle when participating in a time trial event. The goal of TT positions is to be aerodynamic, allowing the cyclist to move through the air more efficiently and with less drag.

The time trial position places the cyclist in a much more aerodynamic posture than the traditional road racing position. The cyclist will typically sit further forward and more upright on the bike, with their elbows tucked in and their head lower. The rider will also be more stretched out and may even be riding with their arms crossed over the handlebars.

It is important for cyclists to practice their TT positions before a race to ensure they are as efficient as possible. This can be done by measuring the distance of the rider's elbows to the handlebars, as well as the angle of the arms and the height of the head. Studies have shown that a cyclist can reduce their drag by up to 10% when using an optimal TT position, which can make a big difference in a race.

In summary, TT positions are a crucial aspect of time trial racing and can make the difference between winning and losing. With the right technique, riders can reduce their drag and increase their speed.


The Origin of 'TT Positions' in Cycling

The term 'TT Positions' is used to refer to the posture adopted by professional cyclists when they are undertaking a time trial race. This is a type of race where individual cyclists or teams of cyclists compete against the clock rather than against each other. The term 'TT Positions' was first used in the early 2000s in the cycling scene of the United Kingdom.

The term has become popular amongst cyclists and is used to describe the specialized posture which is adopted in order to reduce wind resistance and increase speed. The posture is characterized by the cyclist leaning forward and stretching their arms out to the handlebars. This allows them to maintain a low profile and minimize the drag from the wind.

The term 'TT Positions' is now widely used in the cycling community and is used to refer to any posture that is adopted to reduce wind resistance and increase speed. It is a key element of cycling technique used by professional athletes and amateur cyclists alike.

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