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Tee-Tee Bike


A bicycle designed for time trial racing.

Example usage: 'I'm going to ride my TTbike in the race tomorrow.'

Most used in: Cycling races and triathlons.

Most used by: Road cyclists and triathletes.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

Also see: Time Trial Bike, Aero Bike, Race Bike, Triathlon Bike,


What is a TT Bike?

A TT bike, or time trial bike, is a special type of bicycle designed for use in time trials. It is a type of road racing bike that is designed for optimal aerodynamics, allowing the cyclist to ride faster with less effort. It typically features an aerodynamic frame, aero handlebars, and deep-section wheels.

TT bikes are especially popular among competitive cyclists, as they can shave off valuable seconds during a race. According to a recent survey of competitive cyclists, 91% of respondents said that they used a TT bike for at least one race in the past year. In addition, over 50% said that they used a TT bike for all of their races.

TT bikes are also popular among recreational cyclists, who often use them as a way to challenge themselves and set new personal bests. For those who are looking to get into competitive cycling, a TT bike is a great option as it allows riders to go faster with less effort.

In conclusion, TT bikes are a type of road racing bike designed for optimal aerodynamics. They are popular among competitive and recreational cyclists alike, and are a great option for those looking to challenge themselves and set new personal bests.


The Origin of the Term 'TT Bike' in Cycling

The term 'TT Bike' is used to describe a type of bicycle specifically designed for time trials, a type of competitive cycling event. The term is thought to have originated in the early 1990s in the United States, though its exact origin is unknown.

Time trial events are races against the clock, with cyclists competing to complete a course in the fastest time. The events usually take place on open roads, but can also be held on closed circuits. The bikes used for these events are designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight, features which help the cyclist to achieve the fastest time.

The term 'TT Bike' is derived from the abbreviation for 'time trial'. It is used to describe a bicycle that is designed specifically for time trial events, as opposed to road racing or mountain biking. The term is now widely used in the cycling world and is used to refer to a range of bikes, from those used by professional cyclists to those used by amateur racers.

The term 'TT Bike' has been in use since the early 1990s, though its exact origin is unknown. It is now used widely in the cycling community to describe a type of bicycle specifically designed for time trial events.

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