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valv kawr remoo-vur

valve core, remover

A tool used to remove a valve core from a bicycle tire.

Example usage: I need to get a valve core remover to replace the valve core on my bike tire.

Most used in: Bicycle maintenance and repair.

Most used by: Cyclists, bike mechanics, and bike shop employees.

Popularity: 7

Comedy Value: 2

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What is a Valve Core Remover?

A valve core remover is a tool used to remove the core from a bicycle tire valve. The valve core is a small part of the valve stem on a bicycle tire, and it controls the flow of air into the tire. The valve core remover is a small, simple tool that allows cyclists to quickly and easily remove the valve core from the tire.

In addition to being used to remove the valve core, the valve core remover can also be used to install new valve cores into the tire. This is especially useful when replacing a worn or damaged valve core.

Valve core removers are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and most bicycle shops carry them. They are relatively inexpensive, and the average cost is around $5 USD. According to a survey from Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, 73% of cyclists carry a valve core remover when they ride.

Having a valve core remover is essential for cyclists who need to adjust the tire pressure of their tires while on the road. It allows them to quickly and easily remove the valve core in order to add or remove air from the tire.


A Brief History of Valve Core Removers in Cycling

The term ‘Valve Core Remover’ has been used in cycling since the mid-20th century, primarily in Europe. It refers to a tool used to unscrew the valve core from the valve stem, allowing for the inflation of the inner tube. The tool is a simple design, and is usually composed of an L-shaped piece of metal with a slot at the end.

The earliest known use of the term dates back to the 1950s in the Netherlands, where it was used to describe a tool used to remove the valve cores from bicycle tires. Since then, the term has become commonplace in the cycling world, and is now used in many countries around the world.

The use of valve core removers has become increasingly important in cycling, as it allows riders to easily remove and replace the valve core when repairing a punctured tire. This simple tool can save time and effort, and is an essential part of any cyclist's toolkit.

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