The Beginner's Guide To Bike Parts - Drivetrain

The Beginner's Guide To Bike Parts - Drivetrain

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The drivetrain is a really important part of your bike, as it is what actually lets you move. Without the chain, you could pedal all day and not go anywhere, which is why it’s good to know how to fix it in a pinch.

Chain: Your chain is what connects your pedals to your drive-wheel, allowing the motion of pedalling to move you forwards. If your chain slips free, you won’t be able to go anywhere until you hook it back on, which is exactly what our Rehook tool is designed for!

Chainstay: The chainstay/chainstays are the parts of your bike frame that run along the chain joining the bottom bracket shell to the rear axle holders. In short, they are the tube or tubes that connect the bottom bracket (BB for short) to the center of your rear wheel.

Freewheel/Cassette: A pair of somewhat interchangeable terms among bike retailers, the term freewheel refers to a single set of gears that are screwed onto the bike’s rear wheel, which lock when you pedal the bike forward, forcing the drivetrain to drive the wheel. A cassette on the other hand is a set of sprockets found on your bike’s rear hub that are held together by something called a lockring. Depending on your bike you could have either of these, as a freewheel is usually better for casual riding on streets and a cassette would usually better for mountain biking and off-road riding. If you’re unsure which you have, it’s worth checking so you know what your bike excels at.

Drivetrain: A bit of a catchall term that refers to a mechanism that transfers the power from pedalling to moving the bike tyres.

Derailleur: The derailleur is the device that keeps your chain tight and allows you to change gears by moving the chain from one sprocket to another. There are two of them on your bike chain, one of the front and one on the rear. Knowing how to adjust your derailleur is essential for changing gears while on the go. Don’t worry about the spelling, it’s just pronounced “Derailer”! 

Crank: The centre of your bike, the crank is what your pedals are attached to in order to move your chain and create forward motion.

Chainring: The chainring is an extremely important part of your bike. Attached to the crank, the chainring is what transfers the energy generated by pedalling and turning the crank to the chain. 

Pedal: Another easy one, the pedals are what you rest your feet on and connect to the crank, and are essentially what power the bike through the pedalling motion.

If you’d like to learn more about bike parts, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide right here, which covers the frame, chain and tyres!

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