Over the years, Dragons' Den has seen a number of cycling brands take the stage. Cycling is a 5.4 billion pound industry in the UK, four times that of the fishing industry. Twenty-nineteen saw a huge boom in demand for cycling gear, and as we move towards greener targets, this is only set to rise. Let's take a look at some of the cycling pitches that have entered the Dragons' Den over the years...


In September 2011, Simon Booth of Kiddimoto, pitched his ideas to the Dragons. Simon secured a 75k investment from Hilary Devey and Duncan Bannatyne, for 30% equity. Kiddimoto is the UK’s original bike balance company, born in Simon’s flat in Somerset in 2003, and is now a globally recognised brand. The superbike inspired kid’s aid won the Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2015 and was placed on the shelves of Hamleys, ‘The World's Finest Toy Shop’, just 3 years after inception.

kiddimoto suzuki balance bike for kids

Fat Lad At The Back

Fat Lad At The Back, a cycling clothing brand catering to larger cyclists, appeared on Dragons' Den with their episode airing in July 2013. The company, founded by Richard and Lynn Bye, sought investment to expand their business and create cycling apparel for riders of all sizes. Despite their compelling pitch and passionate vision, they were unsuccessful in securing investment from the Dragons. However, Fat Lad At The Back has gone on to achieve remarkable success, with millions in revenue and a dedicated customer base, proving that they could thrive without the investment and continuing to make cycling apparel for people of all sizes, thereby challenging stereotypes in the cycling industry.

fat lad at the back dragons den


Ride25, a unique cycling travel company offering epic adventures spanning 25 countries, made an appearance on Dragons' Den in February 2015. Co-founders John Readman and Mike Grisenthwaite pitched their concept to the Dragons, seeking investment to expand their cycling expedition business. The Dragons were intrigued by the idea but ultimately chose not to invest in Ride25. Despite the setback, Ride25 has gone from strength to strength, growing its portfolio of cycling experiences and evolving into an award-winning company that organises exceptional cycle tours for enthusiasts and charity fundraisers alike, while continuing to inspire memorable journeys around the world.

 ride25 dragons den


Tom de Pelet, the founder of Hornit, appeared on Dragons' Den, with his episode airing in 2015. He pitched his innovative bike horn, which aimed to provide cyclists with a loud and attention-grabbing safety device. Despite his pitch, Tom de Pelet was unsuccessful in securing investment from the Dragons. Nevertheless, the Hornit went on to achieve significant success in the market, with over £3 million in global sales, proving the product's effectiveness and the demand for safety solutions in the cycling industry.

hornit dragons den


From 2017, featured cycling brands focussed on road visibility and bettering performance. In January 2017, Agostino Stilli and Luca Amaduzzi walked away with a 45k investment from Nick Jenkins, for 12.5% equity. Their company, CYCL, created WingLights; indicators that fit onto bicycle and e-scooter handlebars. Today they have sold over half a million units and are being sold all over the world. 

CYCL winglights handlebar lights for bikes and scooters


Jason Hamlyn, the founder of BikeAway, made an appearance on Dragons' Den in 2017. He sought investment for his innovative bike storage and security system, BikeAway, which aimed to provide a secure and convenient solution for storing bicycles. Unfortunately, Jason was unsuccessful in securing investment from the Dragons, with some of the investors expressing doubts about the product's scalability. Despite the setback on the show, Jason has continued to run his business, serving customers with his unique bike storage solutions, and has since gained recognition and success in the industry.

bikeaway dragons den

Brighter Bikes

Similar to WingLights, Steven Ranson of Brighter Bikes secured a 90k investment from Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones, for 25% equity in November 2018. Brighter Bikes incorporate indicators into helmets, seat posts and backpacks and are a unique solution to increase visibility on the road. They currently have a ‘Coming in 2022’ button on their website, so watch this space for more bright ideas.

Brighter Bikes indicator lights for helmet


Beeline, a navigation and smart cycling device company, appeared on the TV show Dragons' Den to seek investment in their innovative product. Their episode aired on April 28, 2019. Unfortunately, Beeline was unsuccessful in securing an investment from the Dragons, but they have continued to grow and thrive since their appearance. Beeline's product aims to provide cyclists with a simplified and intuitive navigation experience, helping them find their way while riding. Despite not securing investment on the show, Beeline has continued to develop and expand its product offerings, making it a prominent player in the cycling technology industry.

beeline dragons den


TurboRocks is the latest cycling accessory to enter the Den. On February 17, 2022, Steven Murr successfully left the Den with £80,000 from Sara Davies and Touker Suleyman, for 40% equity. TurboRocks is the number one selling rocker plate, hand-built to order in the UK. The rocker plate allows you to practice cycling in the comfort of your own home, on your own bike, giving a more realistic riding experience than an exercise bike. With a range of rocker plates to choose from, some even with Peloton compatibility, there really is something for everyone.

turbo rocks peloton cycling indoors using own bike


Rupert Catell, the entrepreneur behind the RoadRower, appeared on Dragons' Den on January 19, 2023. He sought investment to develop his innovative fitness equipment, the RoadRower, which combines the experience of rowing and cycling. Unfortunately, despite the promise of the product, Rupert Catell was unsuccessful in securing investment from the Dragons. However, he continued to work on his fitness equipment venture, and the RoadRower remains available for those looking to enjoy a unique and effective exercise experience that combines the benefits of both rowing and cycling.

roadrower dragons den


We appeared on Dragons' Den on September 1, 2019, showcasing our Rehook Original. After 5 offers from the Dragons, we decided to accept Deborah Meaden’s offer of 50k, for 25% equity. Three years later, we have a great range of cycling tools and accessories; we couldn’t have done it without Dragons' Den and are extremely grateful for the journey and for Deborah’s expertise. 

rehook cycling tools mudguard puncture repair bike pump

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