At Rehook we are proud to manufacture our flagship products in the UK and in order to shout it from the rooftops, we have recently been listed as a British brand by 'Make It British'.

Make It British champion UK manufacturing and encourage brands to discover the benefits of manufacturing in the UK. They offer a multitude of support and advice about how to go about finding UK manufacturers and nurture a growing community of UK based brands and manufacturers. Set up in 2001 by Kate Hills, 'Make it British' acts as a directory for British made products and UK manufactures alike. They offer courses, events and masterclasses about how to set up UK manufacturing for your own product. Their website also shares advice and guidance about finding the right manufacturer to meet your businesses requirements. Perfect.

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So why do we, as a company, decide to manufacture in the UK? Customers often assume that most of the products they purchase are manufactured overseas, but for us, this just doesn't make environmental or business sense.

So why UK Manufacturing? Well, we believe that supporting local business is incredibly important. Not only to build and develop that sense of community and support for fellow businesses in our area, but also to do our bit towards reducing our carbon footprint. Our flagship tool parts are collected by one of our team on a car journey that would have already been taking place, on their way to Rehook HQ. A very different carbon footprint than if they were flying from overseas. 

Rehook cycling tools being injection moulded

But why else would we manufacture locally? Our flagships products are all manufactured in a cycle ride from our Norfolk HQ and although it's not possible to carry our fresh off the press parts home on the back of a bike (we have tried). Our proximity means that our parts can be collected with very little detour on the journey to and from our office. This means we, as a company, get ultimate control over our own product and can 'pop in' to the factory to sign off changes and discuss materials. This just isn't achievable with across the sea manufacturing. Because of this control it means we can constantly apply improvements and tweaks that you, as a consumer, feedback to us. Because of the shipping time, overseas manufacturing will require a very large order of parts at a time, meaning it may be years before a customer's feedback can be applied to the tool. Therefore we listen, we change and we make our designs to be the best they can be, ordering small batches at a time and constantly improving our tools. 

So there you have it, a few reasons for why we manufacture locally, here in the UK. Not only does it give us control over the product but it contributes to looking after our planet and gives you, the customer, an up to date, current and unique set of tools to get you back on your bike.

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